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Windows "When we launched Windows Vista in January 2007, we identified Windows Ultimate Extras as a unique series of add-ons that would be available to Windows Vista Ultimate customers. To date, we have released four sets of Extras - Windows Hold'Em, 16 Language Packs for the Windows multi-language user interface, Secure Online Key Backup, and Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool. We want to let our Windows Vista Ultimate customers know that we are actively working to deliver the remaining Extras that we identified in January."
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Re: Expensive
by weckart on Tue 3rd Jul 2007 20:25 UTC
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The language packs were the only reason I forked out extra for Ultimate. I would have been happy enough with HP or Business. Still not overly happy about waiting over 6 months for the language pack I need. It is not as if Microsoft lacks the funding to provide adequate resources to get this out the door sooner.

And yes, I agree. These should be free, as all the other OSes make whatever packs they distribute available for free. However, Microsoft has always restricted the distribution of language packs - either to Entreprise customers for a fee, or to classify it as an "Ultimate" constituent.

Language packs for Office 2007 will also be sold for $25 each, if I remember correctly.

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