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Windows "When we launched Windows Vista in January 2007, we identified Windows Ultimate Extras as a unique series of add-ons that would be available to Windows Vista Ultimate customers. To date, we have released four sets of Extras - Windows Hold'Em, 16 Language Packs for the Windows multi-language user interface, Secure Online Key Backup, and Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool. We want to let our Windows Vista Ultimate customers know that we are actively working to deliver the remaining Extras that we identified in January."
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RE[5]: Expensive
by nedvis on Wed 4th Jul 2007 04:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Expensive"
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Listen, WyldStylist,
no matter how bad Microsoft operating systems are nor how much you hate Redmond software giant OSnews ( nor any other) WEB site is not the place for propagating illegal downloads and software piratism.
I personally don't like Microsoft and its practice but I'd never ever reach for illegal torrent files with Microsoft code.And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Linux user and Linux fan nor because it is illegal.
My take is if you think you can still find good use
for Microsoft products you have to pay for it. Period.
As you can see from previous posts there are people who bought their copies of Vista Ultimate and who are kind of dissapointed with Extras offering but that doesn't mean they're gonna badmouth Microsoft or advice their friends to look for terrent copies of Vista Ultimate. The best they can do would be to give friendly recommendations to avoid Vista in any variant
legal or illegal!

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