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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell has taken the unusual step - for a PC vendor of its size - of toning down its sales pitch for Microsoft's Vista operating system and warning businesses of the migration challenges that lie ahead for them. The step is particularly unusual because one of the issues the hardware vendor is warning business about is the extra hardware they will need to buy.
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Probably they must wait for longer
by hraq on Thu 5th Jul 2007 16:02 UTC
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Maybe till SP2; SP1 is near and diffenetly they will fix bugs in that release and nothing about performance will be addressed.

Vista still has almost all of previous generation bad inheretance of bugs and shortcommings; and it adds more a layer of performance degradation, so the solution to this is to begin a new OS development based on one of the Unixes available out there; that way they could be 100% sure of success on the long run, if that what they provision.

I cannot put vista on any of my fairly old hardware (P4@3 GHZ, 1GB RAM DDR Dual channel, GF660GT) because it would feels like my PIII @800Mhz system. There is no killing feature(s)in vista that encourage me to install it.
Happy with my Linux Unbuntu/ OSX/Windows Server2003/WXP environment I have.

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