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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell has taken the unusual step - for a PC vendor of its size - of toning down its sales pitch for Microsoft's Vista operating system and warning businesses of the migration challenges that lie ahead for them. The step is particularly unusual because one of the issues the hardware vendor is warning business about is the extra hardware they will need to buy.
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So the lack of (or extraordinarily poor) support of webcams, winmodems, scanners, and wifi cards in linux is something the kernel devs should be held accountable for? I don't believe that, and I doubt you do either.

The big problem with the linux way of having drivers as kernel modules is that any time the kernel changes, all the drivers have to change too. This could mean a recompile, but it could also mean more substantial changes. Windows has a layer of abstraction which gives vendors a stable ABI to work with, which means that when the kernel gets patched, drivers still work (the majority of the time anyways)

The linux way works when drivers are opensource, but the linux way makes commercial support pure hell. Since being business friendly is what windows is all about, it would make no sense to go that way.

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