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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell has taken the unusual step - for a PC vendor of its size - of toning down its sales pitch for Microsoft's Vista operating system and warning businesses of the migration challenges that lie ahead for them. The step is particularly unusual because one of the issues the hardware vendor is warning business about is the extra hardware they will need to buy.
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Is it the fault of Gnu if it is unable to support these devices!? Absolutely especially if they are given access to proper hardware specifications, and a real working relationship with the company involved. The reality is an awful lot of hardware seems to work better on Gnu despite this. Oddly you can buy everything 100% compatible products of *all* those devices *together* for less than the cost of vista home basic oem."

First of all, GNU has nothing at all to do with Linux drivers. Secondly, I wasn't arguing that Linux does not in fact solve all the worlds problems, or that vista is not in fact, the anti-christ.

What I was saying is that the Linux way is technologically very good, but it doesn't work well with commercial support. The reason there are not many closed source drivers in the Linux world is that, as I said, it is a support nightmare. A business would literally have to release a new driver every point release of the kernel. This is a non issue for OSS drivers, as they just get a recompile along with everything else.

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