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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell has taken the unusual step - for a PC vendor of its size - of toning down its sales pitch for Microsoft's Vista operating system and warning businesses of the migration challenges that lie ahead for them. The step is particularly unusual because one of the issues the hardware vendor is warning business about is the extra hardware they will need to buy.
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"First of all, GNU has nothing at all to do with Linux drivers. Secondly, I wasn't arguing that Linux does not in fact solve all the worlds problems, or that vista is not in fact, the anti-christ. "

The only thing you can say is the "FSF" hasn't done a lot of code in GNU's kernel, and it hasn't. I am not talking about a kernel. I'm talking about the OS.

The only think you are arguing is that Vista's still being in beta, and having poor hardware support is excusable, which its not. You say its not the fault of Microsoft and *try* and use Gnu's kernel as an example of poor hardware support when Gnu has both excellent hardware support even with limited access to hardware; 70,000 employees, Billions in the bank...and lets face it being a Monopolistic OS.

You continue by perpetuating the lie that on Linux you have to *compile* stuff to get things working in the kernel, and you lie that common devices don't have support under Gnu.

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