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Morphos Genesi has posted a whole batch of screenshots of the upcoming MorphOS 2.0 release on their weblog. "MorphOS 2.0 brings not only a new OS release, but a host of applications developed by a motivated group of Developers all over the world. These applications have been tested and work with the EFIKA."
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RE: MOS 2.0 ?
by Geit on Fri 6th Jul 2007 13:18 UTC in reply to "MOS 2.0 ?"
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What are you talking about? Of course these application shots have something to do with MorphOS 2.0. Several applications only work on MorphOS 2.0 and the screen/window shots where made to show what applications are there for MorphOS. And most of these programs (beside I think 2 or 3) they all work on Efika.

Of course there are applications which didn't get an update for quite a while, but they are still good and useful.

Several applications are getting updates frequently, even while making the screen shots. Developers contacted us that there is already a newer version.

MorphOS is backward compatible and even supports old software from A500. Even on Efika.

The most exciting part is that this Software is running on Efika. That MorphOS is running on Efika! It's not a small linux kernel with an limited desktop, but a full featured desktop system allowing all this.

About your unprofessional issue: We showed applications running on MorphOS and did not want overloaded colorful images. We avoided making screen shots which shows non application related stuff and focus on the important stuff.

The main reason for all these images is to set-up a page where users can find software. And even by only having a few (we have many more) images, we got mails asking for where to get this or that.

So I guess it can't be as stupid as you claim.

Unprofessional is only the way you deal with it. Instead of contacting and helping us, you try to sabotage the project even before it really gets started by posting unqualified comments.


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