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Linux Elive, the distribution dedicated to E16 and E17, has reached the magical 1.0 barrier. "This version is ready for the end-users and not just hard core testers. It is a more intuitive easy to use and more efficient system. It has better integration of the file-manager and the mime-types, a nice kernel especially for multimedia and big processes loads, a light weight foot print, much better compatibility with your (possible) Windows system/software, more hardware supported, better graphical recognition, and many more things that you can find in the complete changelog."
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the best
by Zedicus on Fri 6th Jul 2007 13:36 UTC
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elive is absolutly the bestprebuilt 'desktop' distro out there. and being built from the ground up to be debian compatible makes it everything that thouse other desktop distros should be.

i donate to them every now and then and i dont even use it on my main box, im to much of a debian purest to switch, but i still love the distro and have talked several of my friends into using it.

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