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Microsoft Microsoft cleared the air July 5 on its obligations to GNU General Public License Version 3 support, declaring it will not provide support or updates for GPLv3 under the deal it penned in November with Novell to administer certificates for the Linux distribution. Microsoft also said July 5 that its agreement with Novell, as well as those with Linux rivals Xandros and Linspire, were unaffected by the release June 29 of GPLv3 by the Free Software Foundation.
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RE[5]: Turn about fair play?
by galvanash on Fri 6th Jul 2007 17:58 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Turn about fair play?"
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Let me make this simple for you. MS gave customers SUSE vouchers. A person who got such a voucher can come in and redeem it to receive the SUSE distro from MS. They can do that at any point in time, since the vouchers have no expiration date.

That is simply bullsh*t. MS does not EVER touch a copy of SUSE Linux in this process. It doesn't offer it for download. It doesn't email it. It doesnt put it on disks. It simply NEVER touches it. It gives out a voucher which does 2 things: It gives the recipient patent protection from MS and it gives them a coupon which is redeemable BY A 3RD PARTY (i.e. Novell).

This interpretation of the GPL3 by Moglen is just frick'in silly. No one who isn't a brain-washed zealot could possible take this seriously. Claiming that something that is the equivalent of a newspaper coupon can be construed as a "propagate by procuring conveyance" is ridiculous.

If I loan someone $50 to purchase a SUSE CD would that make me a legally bound to the transaction? How about giving them a ride to the store? What if I let them borrow $5 for gas and THEN they used the gas to get to the store to get the CD????? See where this goes... Its stupid. No judge on earth would ever uphold interpretation of this clause like this.

Sorry folks, you can all move along. This is a big puff of hot air, nothing more. You can all mode me down for not being a die-hard GPL zealot, I don't care. I call 'em like I see 'em.

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