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Morphos Genesi has posted a whole batch of screenshots of the upcoming MorphOS 2.0 release on their weblog. "MorphOS 2.0 brings not only a new OS release, but a host of applications developed by a motivated group of Developers all over the world. These applications have been tested and work with the EFIKA."
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RE[2]: MOS 2.0 ?
by Geit on Fri 6th Jul 2007 22:05 UTC in reply to "RE: MOS 2.0 ?"
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Of course most applications are MOS 1.4 Apps. Because most developers use MorphOS 1.4.x. MorphOS2.0 is only available to some coders.

MorphOS 1.4. supports most common key functions. Most MorphOS 2.0 changes are below the skin and normal programmers won't even notice.

I still don't know what you expect? It's not a completely new OS which brakes compatibly. It's an OS update that improved massively on it's build in and included features.

If the OS is that lame as you are telling, why are users seeing it what to buy it right away? Because of the features the system provides out of the box. Network stack, enhanced input and transparency are only three of these features.

Again! It's about MorphOS and it's available software! And about MorphOS 2.0 the next MorphOS and not about MorphOS 2.0 only applications.


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