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Opera Software "Back in January we added the ability to report usage of different features and preferences so we could learn more about how the browser is used in general. First we invited you, our weekly users to help us and in 9.2 we started asking one in 100 users if they want to participate. We would like to share some of our findings with you."
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RE: Some interesting revelations
by Kroc on Fri 6th Jul 2007 23:43 UTC in reply to "Some interesting revelations"
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Excuse me? F--k me did you say? There's a reason I opt-in to Javascript.

* Intellitext. Ruining the whole concept of hyperlinks
* Slide in DHTML ads that cover the content.
* A million flash objects loading into the page locking your machine up
* Popups that manage to now and again get around the popup blocker

It's web developers who should not be wasting my time with their obtrusive natty scripts. I remember the web before Javascript. It was pretty good for the time.

Website designers who cannot create a site that can gracefully degrade, are just bad programmers, enough said. As well as techites like me, there's also disabled persons who may be browsing the web with browsers that either do not support javascript, or have limited support - and it's against the law to prevent them suitable access to e-commerce sites.

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