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Opera Software "Back in January we added the ability to report usage of different features and preferences so we could learn more about how the browser is used in general. First we invited you, our weekly users to help us and in 9.2 we started asking one in 100 users if they want to participate. We would like to share some of our findings with you."
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web2.0 apps that try to mimick their counterparts are struck by the limitations of using barely appropriate languages and technologies to create something that looks like a spreadsheet

Javascript, despite its reputation, is really not a bad language. It's well designed and even rather Python like in its own way. (Brendan Eich likes Python.) It suffered from premature standardization, and could use some extra oomph in the area of performance, though. (Maybe there is a VM in its future. :-)

And many people who "use" it do so in a "recipe" fashion, pasting in snippets from Google searches without really understanding. I expect that many people are surprised that O'Reilly's "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" is a thousand pages, thinking that Javascript is mostly about back buttons and onchange form submissions. :-)

P.S. Sorry if my previous post came off as abrupt. I could have worded a few things better. I'm very excited about the potential of web applications.

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