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Internet & Networking Over the last few months Eric Seidel ported KDE's new DOM architecture "KDOM" as well as their Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) implementation "KSVG2" and render tree library "KCanvas" to WebCore. Safari has now integrated these changes into the WebCore cvs tree to allow the investigation of further integration of SVG support into Safari.
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RE: compatability
by JrezIN on Mon 11th Jul 2005 16:15 UTC in reply to "compatability"
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Mozilla Firefox has basic rendering now. It's expected to include a better support with introduction of Cairo as display engine, maybe for 1.1 IIRC.
IE does support SVG rendering with plugins... they are annoying and bloat. Adobe (and Corel IIRC) has the plugins for IE.
Opera does support SVG-lite in latest (or dev?) versions.

SVG is more strong in cell market right now. But hope it get into desktops too (with faster implementations than available right now... maybe hardware acceleration will help in this area.)

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