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GNU, GPL, Open Source "After internal consideration in the Samba Team we have decided to adopt the GPLv3 and LGPLv3 licences for all future releases of Samba. The GPLv3 is the updated version of the GPLv2 license under which Samba is currently distributed. It has been updated to improve compatibility with other licenses and to make it easier to adopt internationally, and is an improved version of the license to better suit the needs of Free Software in the 21st Century. To allow people to distinguish which Samba version is released with the new GPLv3 license, we are updating our next version release number. The next planned version release was to be 3.0.26, this will now be renumbered so the GPLv3 version release will be 3.2.0. To be clear, all versions of Samba numbered 3.2 and later will be under the GPLv3, all versions of Samba numbered 3.0.x and before remain under the GPLv2."
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RE: Copyright assignment
by mariux on Mon 9th Jul 2007 20:00 UTC in reply to "Copyright assignment"
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I am not sure if they require copyright assignment, but if they have a 100% pure "GPL2 or later" code then by simply making all new code added to the codebase GPL3 they will accomplish their goal of making the whole code in practice GPL3

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