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Graphics, User Interfaces "Joel Spolsky in his article 'Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering' compares Microsoft and Apple ways of text rendering and explains why windows people don't like Safari. Text in Safari looks too blurry and that must be why. I want to go further and sum up my experience and observations about it. I'm not an expert in digital typography, but I 'have something to say'. At least, some ideas may be useful for the GNU/Linux community."
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Uhhh welll...
by brostenen on Tue 10th Jul 2007 01:23 UTC
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Old news...
I saw the same thing with the amiga in the late 80's.
I thought that ocs/ecs looked so much better than vga, because of what i saw.

My verdict then, was... Pc's for still-pictures and amiga's for moving pictures.
Because i saw a much sharper contrast on the pc.
Amiga's were like... Everything was more rounded in the pixels or something.

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