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Intel "Intel and VMware announced today that Intel Capital is taking a USD 218.5 million stake in virtualization company VMWare. Intel will purchase 9.5 million Class A shares at USD 23 per share, which, at the completion of VMware's forthcoming IPO, will give Intel about a 2.5 percent stake in the company. Because VMware's stock is split between Class A shares, which have less voting power, and Class B shares, Intel won't control that many votes in the company, but they will get a board seat."
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by psychicist on Tue 10th Jul 2007 13:51 UTC in reply to "what..."
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That's something I would like to see too. But since Solaris already has Zones and Branded Linux Zones there is less of an incentive for VMware to port it. And when Solaris includes Xen by default in the Solaris 11 timeframe so you can run Windows as well (at least on VT/SVM processors), VMware will be shut from another operating system.

BTW the Microsoft Viridian technology is nothing else but an adaptation of Xen to the Windows platform they had to resort to because Virtual PC/Server have horrible performance and features (not that I have ever tried them, because I run Slackware, Solaris and BSD on hosts and Windows 2000/XP occasionally in VMware guests).

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