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Intel "Intel and VMware announced today that Intel Capital is taking a USD 218.5 million stake in virtualization company VMWare. Intel will purchase 9.5 million Class A shares at USD 23 per share, which, at the completion of VMware's forthcoming IPO, will give Intel about a 2.5 percent stake in the company. Because VMware's stock is split between Class A shares, which have less voting power, and Class B shares, Intel won't control that many votes in the company, but they will get a board seat."
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Some fresh ideas could help
by sg7jimr on Tue 10th Jul 2007 16:40 UTC
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I'm hoping that the voice of Intel will help to keep VMWare from making any more Windows only decisions like they did with their VirtualCenter product, and perhaps see the light on that choice. Linux is such a dominant operating system in high performance clusters and yet what did VMWare decide to use for their clustering of ESX servers? A .Net client and a Windows management server. What nonsense.

In recent years Intel has come to see that Windows only is shortsighted and hopefully they can pass that message along.

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