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Microsoft "Have you ever wondered what really happens to those Windows error reports you can send to Microsoft whenever a Windows app crashes? How many reports it must receive before taking action? Or whether it's worth your time and effort to send duplicate reports if the error occurs repeatedly? I did, and I asked Microsoft. Unfortunately, after a week and a handful of assurances that they were working on responses, the software giant refused to speak with me."
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this is what they do...
by nivenh on Tue 10th Jul 2007 18:54 UTC
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with those bug reports...


that's why they won't give you an answer. can you imagine how embarassing that would be to say it in public?

if 100 corp. customers report 10 bugs (through special channels), they'll make more $$ on fixing those 10 bugs than they would if 10000 home users reported the same 10 bugs via the automatic crash reporter.

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