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FreeBSD "This report covers FreeBSD related projects between April and June 2007. Again an exciting quarter for FreeBSD. In May we saw one of the biggest developers summits to date at BSDCan , our 25 Google Summer of Code students started working on their projects - progress reports are available in this report, and finally the 7.0 release cycle was started three weeks ago."
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by sonic2000gr on Tue 10th Jul 2007 19:16 UTC in reply to "Somewhat off topic..."
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Flash support for FreeBSD is still a hit and miss thing, and generates a lot of discussion on the FreeBSD lists. In short, the old flash plugin 7 is (reported as) working, but there is no official port for 9, and there are several workarounds suggested for making it work, albeit with limited success. In short, if you opt for an easy *nix type desktop, with all bells and whistles, you are probably better served by Linux.
I am a big fan of the whole FreeBSD project, both from a technical and an ethical perspective and I use it daily on a couple of machines. Other than flash, multimedia performance is fine, and media players are readily available. In fact I use a FreeBSD machine as a media center!
Reading the features in 7, I believe it will be a fine release.

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