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RISC OS An effort by users to produce a charity that will support future RISC OS software development is beginning to take shape. Using a mailing list to coordinate the project, a group of punters eventually hope to create a website that will allow people to offer cash and skills to developers.
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RE[3]: Affordable Hardware?
by RISCOSMike on Tue 10th Jul 2007 19:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Affordable Hardware?"
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You can not compare this little machine to CISC PC's.

1. The processor architecture is total different and a lot more efficient.

2. Its OS boots in 10-30 seconds

3. Will last for years beyond any CISC PC, my 10 year old RISC PC is still running fine and is much nicer to use than my new 1.7 Intel Core Duo pc.

4. The A9 its self is not meant to be a contender to desktop systems, though it is still more than adequate to be one.

>The PC is also usually quite bulky, while the A9... >well, compared to a pack of cigarettes it's probably >also bulky, but its size is more like todays external >USB (pre-built) harddisks.

Actually its very light, its like picking up a book of that size.

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