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Features, Office Under the name Sun ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office, Sun has released its import/export filter for the OpenDocument format, which the ISO has recognized as a standard, for versions 2000, XP, and 2003 of Microsoft's Office suite; the plug-in can be downloaded via our software repository. The extension allows users of MS Office to read and create text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the free OpenOffice suite and its commercial version called StarOffice.
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RE: fake hope
by WarpKat on Tue 10th Jul 2007 21:24 UTC in reply to "fake hope"
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A few things:

1. How does it give fake hope? Is it because Sun has released it for the purposes of people using ODF or do you think there is some nefarious cause here?

2. You can't expect a conversion to work 100% of the time - especially one of this significant magnitude. Nobody knows 100% of the internals of MS Office formats nor does anyone WANT to know - the specs are thick just for one of the file formats. It's not like an 'image' where you can transcode one to the other without loss.

3. Why would you deem it useless? What exactly defines an 'important document' to you isn't exactly important to someone else. To me, a document with names, numbers and perhaps passwords is more important than a spreadsheet I know I can recreate.

Fake hope? No.

100% solution? Of course not.

A good college try that has a fair chance of success?


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