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FreeBSD "This report covers FreeBSD related projects between April and June 2007. Again an exciting quarter for FreeBSD. In May we saw one of the biggest developers summits to date at BSDCan , our 25 Google Summer of Code students started working on their projects - progress reports are available in this report, and finally the 7.0 release cycle was started three weeks ago."
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RE[4]: just a question
by biteydog on Wed 11th Jul 2007 16:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: just a question"
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They have an odd way of pandering to lazy developers!

example: I recently (last week) had to install XP to replace Vista on a client's machine. Their old computer (W2000) died - they went to a store and bought a new one (Vista). The software package (specialised) that they use for their business didn't work (it was W2000) and so they phoned the software house who sent out (free) the Vista version. Which didn't work as well as they were used to.

Being of a nosey disposition I phoned the software people myself and was told that they had been working on the Vista version since early beta, but that the stated APIs did not invariably act as advertised, and in general they were having nightmares about it. The port to XP had taken them a couple of weeks, and worked perfectly, but Vista was another animal altogether. The guy I spoke to stated quite categorically that he would rather have had a brand new base to work from, as it would be far less trouble, and in fact the rewrite for their ongoing Linux port was giving them less trouble.

Anyway, their XP version was fine. So one has to conclude that either they really are idiots (not borne out by the software quality) or MS is making things difficult for developers (maybe because they want to advantage their own software in other fields) or Vista really is a mess inside (this is my preferred explanation).

After seeing the blog one of Microsoft's developers put up last year on "Where is Vista going wrong?", the consensus seemed to be that the 50 million lines of code in the Vista kernel were becoming unmanageable in a "top-down" development environment, as so much time had to be spent "going upstairs" for directions that very little was left available for actual coding.

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