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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has often been criticised for keeping their bug reporting and collaboration tool, Launchpad, closed-source. Today, Canonical has started opening up Launchpad by releasing its first open-source component, Storm. "Storm is an ORM that simplifies the development of database-backed applications in Python, especially for projects that use very large databases or multiple databases with a seamless web front-end", said Gustavo Niemeyer, lead developer of Storm at Canonical. "Storm is particularly designed to feel very natural to Python programmers, and exposes multiple databases as /stores/ in a clean and easy to use fashion."
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RE: Request for comment
by John Nilsson on Wed 11th Jul 2007 21:58 UTC in reply to "Request for comment"
John Nilsson
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Well an ORM can do a lot more than just cripple your SQL. Hibernate as an example provides nice features for caching objects and collection in various places.
It also provides HQL which is a VERY nice extension to SQL letting you do queries on your OO Model rather than your DB Schema.

select cust
from Product prod,
Store store
inner join store.customers cust
where = 'widget'
and in ( 'Melbourne', 'Sydney' )
and prod = all elements(cust.currentOrder.lineItems)

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