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Features, Office "'Siag, it sucks less!' This is the slogan for Siag Office. This and the self-effacing name for the Siag Office Word Processor, Pathetic Writer, might leave you thinking that this office suite is a mere plaything, a university student's cobbled-together programming assignment. But don't be fooled by first impressions. Siag Office is a lightweight suite of applications which might be just the right set of office tools for you, especially if you have older hardware."
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RE[3]: What a mess
by sb56637 on Wed 11th Jul 2007 22:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What a mess"
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>>Some people apparently only have 50 megabytes of harddisk space and simply cannot afford to have KDE libraries installed. As such, they are stuck with OpenOffice or GNOME Office. Poor them.

Itīs not the space, itīs the kdeinit processes and other related KDE bloat that make a KDE program on a lightweight desktop feel like a fish out of water. KDE apps take FOREVER to start up when they are used outside of KDE. I imagine that most of this will change with KDE 4, though. I hope it does.

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