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KDE A quick look at the state of KDE 4, including screenshots. "Over all, KDE 4 alpha 2, was a pleasant experience. Not much worked on a user level, but large parts of the underlaying infrastructure seems to be in place. I'm looking forward to the more releases and the final version due in October."
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RE[5]: Settings...
by michi on Thu 12th Jul 2007 17:18 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Settings..."
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That's KDE's fault for not designing a better configuration approach. You can say whatever you want about Apple and Gnome but they seem to manage to fit everything in one configuration dialog. Edit makes perfect sense, you want to edit the settings of you application where do you go, to the edit menu.

Actually it doesn't make sense to put settings in the edit menu. Most applications are document centric and the edit menu contains actions to edit you document. Editing application settings is something completely different.

What I meant by my comment was that they haven't changed much in-terms of the HIG and as I'e stated countless times before on the subject, the HIG should have been banged out by now, with more of a focus on usability.

There is a usability project: People are working on an updated KDE4 HIG. But doing that needs time, especially because KDE doesn't have lots of people working on the HIG.

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