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KDE A quick look at the state of KDE 4, including screenshots. "Over all, KDE 4 alpha 2, was a pleasant experience. Not much worked on a user level, but large parts of the underlaying infrastructure seems to be in place. I'm looking forward to the more releases and the final version due in October."
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Look good, yet....
by brostenen on Thu 12th Jul 2007 18:28 UTC
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still i have not found that ultimate desktop yet.

Personally i would prefer the look of Osx cloned with Gnome, including the feel from Xp.
Then I would like to have it as userfriendly as OsX.

I have still not found that (for me personally), the ultimate desktop yet.

On Topic:
Looking forward to see how Kde4 is rolling out as a complete product, and how it's going to progress in the future. Go Kde-team... GO.. :-)

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