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3D News, GL, DirectX "DirectX 10 would not work with XP, and that was fine and dandy. It was an honest technical reason why you could not backport DX10 to XP without a major rip and replace operation. Microsoft wasn't going to bend on this one at all." More here.
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RE[2]: The Inquirer
by CowMan on Fri 13th Jul 2007 15:03 UTC in reply to "RE: The Inquirer"
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Let us not forget, it is also not their first time at such foolishness. If DX10 genuinely requires features only included under Vista, then o.k. - maybe they shouldn't be *forced* to include additional extensions, wrappers, etc. for the sake of an older product line.

However, if they are doing OS version checks, and then purposely locking-out older versions - even if that OS is capable - then that is wrong.

It has happened before: Windows live messenger (8.0) runs fine on W2k, once you grab your hex editor and change it's version check. Same to some screensavers and the like.

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