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Intel There's nothing like allegations of predatory conduct to bring two organizations together. Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project has decided to bring Intel on board as a partner and a possible future supplier, just a few months after Negroponte went on 60 Minutes and essentially accused the chip maker of trying to destroy his low-cost PC project. Intel has agreed to join the board of the OLPC and work with the organization on possible "collaborations involving technology and educational content," according to a press release Friday morning.
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RE: started shipping yet?
by renox on Sat 14th Jul 2007 17:13 UTC in reply to "started shipping yet?"
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Well, as they have decided to use new GUI/system, the OLPC will take a while to mature..

While I agree that there are a quite a few vendors working on laptops which flash disk that could compete with the OLPC hardware, I remember quite well what happened with the computers we had in our school: they were mostly unused and not very useful.

The OLPC is trying to improve education, not only bring laptops, so hardware competition in itself is not enough, or more precisely *shouldn't be enough* for clients: they ought to look at the big picture, not only at the laptops themselves..

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