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Intel There's nothing like allegations of predatory conduct to bring two organizations together. Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project has decided to bring Intel on board as a partner and a possible future supplier, just a few months after Negroponte went on 60 Minutes and essentially accused the chip maker of trying to destroy his low-cost PC project. Intel has agreed to join the board of the OLPC and work with the organization on possible "collaborations involving technology and educational content," according to a press release Friday morning.
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Posting this from Mozambique...
by fizzled on Sat 14th Jul 2007 19:29 UTC
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...and I don't think the XO would be so popular here. Without an optical drive, the kids will have no way to copy CD's or watch the Jean Claude Van Damme 6-in-1 DVD's.

While I admire the philanthropic spirit on the part of Negroponte et al., I think the money could be put to much better uses like TRAINING TEACHERS and TEACHING PEOPLE TO READ-- not to mention bringing the AIDS epidemic under control; building wells; providing school lunches, so that kids actually come to school; building schools; buying blackboards, chalk, notebooks, pencils, paper, etc.

The list of places that have signed up for the laptop has countries at varying levels of development, and there's no one "magic bullet" solution to ending poverty; however, there is some "low hanging fruit" or actions that can produce quick wins. Providing a bunch of gadgets to kids, in my view, isn't one of them.

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