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X11, Window Managers Peter Hutterer, the man behind the multiple pointer X server, has released an update to MPX server, adding support for multitouch displays. "MPX already supported multiple input devices. Which blows pretty much all assumptions in user interfaces (input) out of the water. Now I've gone one step further and added support for multi-touch displays."
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Not a day too late
by ple_mono on Sat 14th Jul 2007 21:54 UTC
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This is what i've been thinking of for years now...
Yet, when i bring this up people always tend to miss the point, and rather see the problems, or fail to understand what this possibly could be good for. I bet lot's of people said the same thing about the computer mouse back in the days. ;)
What i would really like to know, is how this is handled by the GUI toolkit/framework (two hands in one app) and/or window manager (two hands in two apps)?

I've often used this analogy to point out the possible benefit of a multi-touch user interface;
Think of when you're playing "age of empires" (or any game that involves a lot of "point and click" really) and you could utilize both your hands instead of just the mouse and some keys on you keyboard . Yeah, that would be real slick. ;) But, what if you transfer that scenario to a real world (job, military or whatever) application that involved a lot of input/action? That would make you job a lot easier.

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