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KDE "PC users have volumes of information saved on their computers, most of it disconnected and disparate save for a basic directory system. The answer to connecting all the information into a local semantic Web of information is closer than you might think. Thanks to the open source NEPOMUK (Networked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-based Management of Unified Knowledge) effort, the Semantic Desktop isn't a dream; it's an emerging reality and will be here with the upcoming release of KDE 4 for the Linux desktop."
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RE[3]: I have been waiting...
by WereCatf on Sun 15th Jul 2007 12:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I have been waiting..."
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Hmm. I personally don't add tags to anything at all. It's just so much easier and faster to give files a proper filename and save them in a logical place. I'd be annoyed a bit if I had to f.ex. specify tags for a file when saving it. Oh well, I guess this is just not my thing.

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