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GNU, GPL, Open Source Open Source infighting over the GPLv3 just turned nastier - in a post on the Linux kernel mailing list, Linus Torvalds effectively called the authors of the GPLv3 'hypocritical morons'. InformationWeek has reported on the issue: "Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the authors of a new software license expected to be used by thousands of open source programmers are a bunch of hypocrites and likened them to religious fanatics - the latest sign of a growing schism in the open source community between business-minded developers like Torvalds and free software purists."
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What about reading ?
by Lamego on Sun 15th Jul 2007 19:13 UTC
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on your next article please first read the article you are about to link.
If you are not able to read the clear lines, don't touch it. Save yourself from reading "between the lines", something which you clearly fail to do.

Thank you

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