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Internet & Networking Mozilla's Firefox web browser has made dramatic gains on Microsoft's Internet Explorer throughout Europe in the past year with a marked upturn in FF use compared to IE over the past four months, according to French web monitoring service XiTiMonitor. A study of nearly 96,000 websites carried out during the week of July 2 to July 8 found that FF had 27.8% market share across Eastern and Western Europe, IE had 66.5%, with other browsers including Safari and Opera making up the remaining 5.7%. The July market share represents a massive 3.7% rise since a similar survey in March.
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RE[2]: Perhaps...
by Arakon on Mon 16th Jul 2007 07:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Perhaps..."
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well unfortunately the "screw them" attitude is exactly what Microsoft has been doing with Internet Explorer since they introduced it. being that I actually care that my web pages are displayed in a manner that resembles my specs I do very much care and I have paid for it every time I wanted to try something new with CSS.

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