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General Development Jeroen van der Zijp, the author of Fox Toolkit, has kindly given an interview. The Fox Toolkit is a platform independent GUI that has matured over the last years to become one of the fastest and well structured APIs.
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But does FOX...
by hibridmatthias on Mon 16th Jul 2007 14:43 UTC
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Hey all-

Being a newbie to programming, I have recently begun writing programs in Ruby for my job (dosing calculators et cetera) but having problems determining which GUI toolkit to start learning to make my programs "pretty" for my users.

I have seen a number of comparisons of various possible toolkits all over the web by googling Ruby + GUI but the reviews are all over 1 to 2 years old. I was looking for something a bit more current and glad to read the article regarding FOX.

That being said, the article doesnt really help me in my decision (I was hoping against hope that it would). Most of the sites that compare FOX say it is nice but not mature; that it's not using native widgets makes it look bad but that it has potential.

Anyone have a similar experience that was a bit disappointed with this article?

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