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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable 0.6.4 has been released. "Syllable 0.6.4 contains many new features, enhancements and bug fixes from previous releases. Highlights of this release include a new version of ABrowse; the web browser has been re-written using the WebKit engine. A new version of Whisper, and the Contact address book is now included. A large number of usability and user interface fixes, largely curtesy of Anthony Morphett. New drivers for the SysKonnect Yukon1 network cards & ACPI CPU management and updated drivers for Radeon, GeForceFX, SiS and Trident video cards, HD Audio, Intel & VIA SATA controllers and Realtek 8169 network cards. The usual clutch of bug fixes and enhancements."
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Very Impressed
by MechaShiva on Mon 16th Jul 2007 18:04 UTC
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Just downloaded and loaded up the live cd. I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. I've been following this project since the AtheOS days and have been pulling for it to follow through on its potential. It looks like they stand to do just that.

- Tried it out on a Dell GX620 and all the hardware seems to work. Network, video, hard drive detection, sound. All looks good. The default video resolution was a bit low but that was easily changed.

- Was able to set up ABrowse to use my company's proxy and get out to the internet proper. That was a very pleasant surprise.

- Doesn't really need to be said, but the system was very responsive.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to test out a broader range of applications (whisper, contact, coldfish, etc). Maybe when I get home. I did notice a couple rough edges in the UI but at this stage, it's not setting off any red flags. I'm more than happy to let that slide when the progress 'under the hood' shows through as clearly as it has over the last few iterations.

Overall, excellent work, Syllable devs.

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