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Graphics, User Interfaces "An interesting patent application recently filed by Microsoft may offer a glimpse at the future of the Windows interface. The patent describes a 'method for managing windows in a display' that seems to describe a method of task switching that is neither Taskbar nor Expose, but something in between." It reminds me of a feature called 'iconify', where you can minimise windows into an icon on the desktop (as CDE has, for instance), a feature I miss in most modern desktop environments.
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by prymitive on Tue 17th Jul 2007 10:48 UTC in reply to "KDE4"
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It makes me wonder if all MS patents claims that we hear about when linux distro signs a deal with MS are build on such patents, what if MS will get this patent before KDE team will release KDE4 and those extenders will be very similar to MS interface? Will they have a valid reason to sue KDE?

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