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Graphics, User Interfaces "An interesting patent application recently filed by Microsoft may offer a glimpse at the future of the Windows interface. The patent describes a 'method for managing windows in a display' that seems to describe a method of task switching that is neither Taskbar nor Expose, but something in between." It reminds me of a feature called 'iconify', where you can minimise windows into an icon on the desktop (as CDE has, for instance), a feature I miss in most modern desktop environments.
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Err, don't I already do this kasbar...
by richmoore on Tue 17th Jul 2007 12:06 UTC
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Isn't this just stuff I've implemented in kasbar for years? eg. I can overlay progress information, modified status, context information (using the context sensitive window icons provided by konqueror etc.). I also support thumbnails and overlaying window state information.

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