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Windows "Way back in November 2006, when Windows Vista went from beta to RTM, Microsoft's Jim Allchin suggested that users might not need an antivirus program, thanks to the new OS's stronger security features. While the statement was subsequently clarified until it lost all its meaning, the question remains: Do Vista users really need an antivirus program running in the background at all times?"
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Nice article
by kiz01 on Tue 17th Jul 2007 15:00 UTC
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UAC may be super annoying but it can stop just about any program from installing making it an excellent security tool. It's so good that it could remove the need for an antivirus. Unfortunately, Joe User is really stupid and odds are he'll ignore the UAC messages and install the virus anyway.

Conclusion: The average user needs an antivirus because they are too ignorant to get along without one.

I think it really sums up the plight of the average user. They don't understand their computer, which makes them easy victims. They don't want to understand their computer, which insures that they continue to be easy victims. Therefore they need an antivirus program to clean up the messes they make.

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