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Gnome During his opening speech at the GNOME Developers conference GUADEC Jono Bacon, community manager for the Ubuntu distribution, called for a common vision inside the project, an area in which the project as a whole is currently lacking. Only a few hours later Red Hat developers Havoc Pennington and Bryan Clark presented their own proposal for a reinvention of the Open Source desktop: The GNOME Online Desktop. My take: As I have been saying for a long time, GNOME needs a vision (and leaders) for the future. I'm glad that people are finally stepping up.
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Online Disks
by Claxus on Thu 19th Jul 2007 10:52 UTC
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So to make this possible, I guess that backed-up online disks would be needed.

And how do we get backed-up online disks?

1. Paying for it. Its not very cheap nowadays, when compared to buying a new harddisk. Check out the prizes for extra disk space on for example dot-mac.

2. Advertising. For example gmail. A bit difference in privacy when compared to storing data on your own harddrive.

3. Together with friends or trusted collegues setup something similiar to Andrew Filesystem. The requirements are:
- The files are distributed and thereby backed up among all participants, like a software raid.
- A common permission handling system determines who can see what, and newcommers have no permissions.
- Encryption may be applied, if I want a file to be backed up, but not in any way accessible by others (somewhat overlaps permission perhaps).

If 3 was easier to setup and orginize, there would be no need for external online-disk providers.

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