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Multimedia, AV sent us over one of the best video cards on the market today: the GeForce 86000GTS with 256 MB VRAM and a crazy fast 675 MHz engine clock. The card is on the high side of the middle-end graphics cards compared to others available and it's currently selling below $200. In this article we will test the multimedia performance of the card as used in video playback and rendering support rather than its already well-benchmarked multiple times so far and well-known gaming abilities.
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RE[4]: ATI What?
by SilentStorm on Thu 19th Jul 2007 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ATI What?"
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Umm, yes I thought that too after writing the first comment, you are right. IMHO if you've written that more explicitly in your review, I could realise that earlier and just say. "Oh, yes! good point" and write nothing an move on".

You are far more experienced than me in writing articles (I'm writing a blog about my personal experiences about programming and computers in a blog) but I'll say that anyway. Sometimes implicitly written intentions cannot be understood and some unnecessary noise can be raised by readers (like me. I just missed the point of the article).

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