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Multimedia, AV sent us over one of the best video cards on the market today: the GeForce 86000GTS with 256 MB VRAM and a crazy fast 675 MHz engine clock. The card is on the high side of the middle-end graphics cards compared to others available and it's currently selling below $200. In this article we will test the multimedia performance of the card as used in video playback and rendering support rather than its already well-benchmarked multiple times so far and well-known gaming abilities.
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We got the card for usage with Windows. OSNews is not an "alternative OS site". It is a tech site with a given "alt OS" side.

This is not called LinuxNews or NixNews, or AntiMSNews.... I come to this site because I'm a Windows AND Alt OS Enthusiast and i come here get a collection of news articles for all OSs. If you don't like Windows, cool it's your opinion, but if the FOUNDER of the site wishes to SHARE her new findings then so be it.

So even if a few people find this article useful then awesome. If you find it useless, then DON'T READ IT and move on. No harm, no foul

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