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Opera Software Opera 9.22 has been released; mostly a bugfix and security release. "We released 9.22 today and it's a recommended security update. There are changelogs for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX. Bit Torrent also received some nice improvements, so it should be quite a bit faster now."
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I'm sure its being discussed further up the forum, There are a lot of Distributions becuase GNU is a vibrant successful marketplace, with specialist distributions that run on old machines; multimedia applications, games, router, firewalls.

A distribution is essentially what someone considers an ideal package. You can argue that no choice *is* better than no choice, but as we have seen from the Microsoft world, your not offered a choice, just increasingly crippled versions.

Why shouldn't their be a choice of package managers, kernels, file managers etc The best technology will win out, and each will have a Desktop that addresses their need.

I could go on but its in another thread, its off topic, and those that love opera are being denied the opportunity to rave about another successful release.

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