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Linux "Remember the 1980s worries about how the 'forking' of Unix could hurt that operating system's chances for adoption? That was nothing compared to the mess we've got today with Linux, where upwards of 300 distributions vie for the attention of computer users seeking an alternative to Windows."
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Theory of evolution plays a role here!
by solidsnake on Fri 20th Jul 2007 02:49 UTC
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Think about it, the more distributions we have in linux and other open source software, the better off we are.

There are a lot of brilliant people developing, coding, inventing and re-writing new code for linux everyday. Being able to meet challenges, grow, and diversify while also adapting to new situations is the hallmark of a successful living species. These are all qualities that linux and the open source community have.

Yes we do have several large distributions of linux, but like all large beings, they are made up of smaller ones or are derivatives of each other. This makes linux strong and adaptable.

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