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Microsoft "Microsoft told Wall St it's reconciled to the fact the seven-year-old Windows XP will occupy more of the client revenue mix than Microsoft would have preferred, while revenue for the full year will grow less than the year just closed. With the 'wow' clearly failing to materialize in fiscal 2007, Microsoft was left to pronounce itself 'broadly happy' - not blown away - with Windows Vista sales."
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RE[2]: History repeats?
by Valhalla on Fri 20th Jul 2007 12:52 UTC in reply to "RE: History repeats?"
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jayson knight wrote:
-"The XBox 360 is the dominant console of this generation, even outselling PS3 in its own homeland of Japan. The Wii could have been, if only Nintendo could keep up with production."

LOL, please site your source for this laughable statement!

Here are the latest Famitsu (most respected console publication in Japan) figures (2007 up until July 2) reported by magicbox: (note these numbers are actual sales, not shipped)

Total sold 2007:

2,030,031 units

PlayStation 3
505,622 units

PlayStation 2
434,493 units

Xbox 360
120,953 units

Again, please state your sources Jayson, I'm dying to see from where your statement originated. I can dig up numbers from Famitsu for 2006, but they are even less flattering for XBox360 than those of 2007, within 2 months after release in Japan PS3 overtook XBox360 in total sales.

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