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Linux PolishLinux reviews PCLinuxOS 2007. "I must admit I am impressed by PCLinuxOS. And according to the distro slogan, which includes the two words 'radically simple', installation and configuration of the system is really easy, and the system is very friendly in everyday usage. Some of this 'radical simplicity' should be credited to hammered out details, and the system's elegant appearance (although this is a matter of individual taste). Regular users will find in PCLinuxOS everything they need 'out of the box'. Thanks to the consistency and the possibilities to configure the system with graphical tools (e.g. PCLinuxOS Control Center) this distro is close to ideal for those starting their adventure with Linux systems and migrating from Microsoft Windows systems."
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Gonna be switching soon
by swarmi on Fri 20th Jul 2007 14:35 UTC
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Been a long time GNOME user, but from what I have seen, KDE4 will fix 90% of my gripes with the DM, while my biggest problem with GNOME seems to be flourishing, and that is moving forwards at a snails pace.

Using Ubuntu now, which IMHO is the best gnome-centric distro out there. Unfortunately, kubuntu is far from the same for kde. All my friends who have tried PCLOS tell me that it is what Kubuntu should have been though, so thats what I'm looking at for my next distro of choice.

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