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Linux PolishLinux reviews PCLinuxOS 2007. "I must admit I am impressed by PCLinuxOS. And according to the distro slogan, which includes the two words 'radically simple', installation and configuration of the system is really easy, and the system is very friendly in everyday usage. Some of this 'radical simplicity' should be credited to hammered out details, and the system's elegant appearance (although this is a matter of individual taste). Regular users will find in PCLinuxOS everything they need 'out of the box'. Thanks to the consistency and the possibilities to configure the system with graphical tools (e.g. PCLinuxOS Control Center) this distro is close to ideal for those starting their adventure with Linux systems and migrating from Microsoft Windows systems."
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I tried it a couple weeks ago...
by FunkyELF on Fri 20th Jul 2007 14:46 UTC
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I tried out PCLinuxOS a couple of weeks ago under Virtualbox on my Gentoo machine.

I was trying it out to see how easy it would be for my brother to use. He saw my Compiz-Fusion enabled desktop and liked it.

He goes to school and doesn't do much. He could get away with openoffice, dvdshrink (Windows version under WINE, not the Linux dvdshrink), audacious, Firefox.

So I install PCLinuxOS and the installation was really simple. I get into there and immediately I get a hickup with the synaptic package manager. When trying to install WINE, it got 7 of the 9 packages but on the 8th one it got a 404 not found. So I had to change repositories to finish the installation of WINE.

Then I remembered that my brother also uses TagAndRename on Windows so I go to install easytag on PCLinuxOS. It installed just fine.

Everything is great so far....then I go to download the setup exe file for dvdshrink in Firefox.
It downloads fine.
In the downloads window I right click on the setup file and select "open containing folder".
All of a sudden easytag opens up instead of Konquorer or some other file browser.
I close easytag, try it again....same thing.
So then I delete the PCLinuxOS virtualmachine.

I tried zenwalk, but for some reason that wouldn't even install in Virtualbox.

Not flaming, or anything, that was just my experience. I realize little quirks happen in every OS but for me, this was too "fresh out of the box" for quirks like that.

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