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Windows For the first time, the Windows operating system will wall off some audio and video processes almost completely from users and outside programmers, in hopes of making them harder for hackers to reach. The company is establishing digital security checks that could even shut off a computer's connections to some monitors or televisions if antipiracy procedures that stop high-quality video copying aren't in place.
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RE: Consumer Awareness
by NeoChaosX on Wed 31st Aug 2005 04:01 UTC in reply to "Consumer Awareness"
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Well, the media conglomerates also own the news channels, or at least have controlling stakes in them. You can forget about the mainstream news channels - if you want the general public to be aware of the fact that freedoms they're not even aware they have are taken away, you're going to have to do it the hard way and do it through word of mouth. Get it to as much people as you can - make it simple enough that they can understand, don't preach (I KNOW this is hard for many people, especially those who pray at the altar of GNU, but it just turns away the tech-illiterate more than it convinces them)

Of course, you also need to get people that aren't tech geeks to care to begin with, but that's a whole other thing...

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