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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Paul Thurrot (there he is again) compares Vista Beta 1 to Tiger: "For Windows enthusiasts, Windows Vista Beta 1 is a much-needed demonstration that Microsoft can still churn out valuable Windows releases, after years of doubt. For Mac OS X users, however, Windows Vista Beta 1 engenders a sense of deja vu. Isn't a lot of this stuff already in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger?"
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RE: Re: innovative company....
by protagonist on Wed 31st Aug 2005 04:25 UTC in reply to "Re: innovative company...."
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I don't recall anywhere in the article where he said that because OS X had certain features in it MS could not implement them. By the same token I didn't read any M$ sillyness into it. To me it looked to be a pretty straightforward attempt to make a few comparrisons. Methinks we sometimes tend to read to much between the lines.

As for innovation, big companies tend towards the status quo while real innovation tneds to come from small companies. I know that is a generalization, but it is a reasonable accurate one.


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