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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable project has released a new package of Builder, the system that builds Syllable, its native applications, and ported applications. Builder can also be installed on Linux. This release matches the Syllable 0.6.4 source code. It also contains the beginnings of a branch for the upcoming Syllable Server based on the Linux kernel. Part of the documentation for Builder was just integrated in the new Syllable documentation set. The full manual is in Builder/README. Further, the development version for the next Syllable release already has a new gigabit ethernet driver, for the D-Link DL2000.
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RE: What's the point?
by stodge on Fri 20th Jul 2007 19:27 UTC
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"Personally I would be happy to see a new 'Desktop OS' build on the linux, especially if it breaks away from X11/GTK/QT and standard unix stuff (they are all well and good in their own way but also have drawbacks from unix heritage)."

Yes! I agree - I'd like to see something without X11. Oh wait, that would be OSX?

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