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Linux "Remember the 1980s worries about how the 'forking' of Unix could hurt that operating system's chances for adoption? That was nothing compared to the mess we've got today with Linux, where upwards of 300 distributions vie for the attention of computer users seeking an alternative to Windows."
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Considering Linux doesn't have a virus problem, I don't seem to find your evidence very compelling. Besides, Linux distributions are different enough from each other to make it very difficult for a binary virus to propogate.

That's the point though! Since there is a large variation, it's hard for one virus or some other malware to have a chance to harm the OS. If a linux system goes down or is not available anymore for some reason, it is just as easy to switch to another one. Also linux is very configurable and open source. I can change and configure my desktop environment or the underlying kernel to fit my needs if I need too. If I need a server, or a stand alone music player or a system for process control, I can go to a linux project (and contribute a little money too) and it is available for free or like I said, *contribute* too the project.

Linux as a whole is one of the best thing that has ever happened to the software industry.

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